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Asics Gel Blade 5

  • 89,99 £
  • 54,99 £ incl. VAT
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Asics Gel Blade 5

PPong Asics Gel Blade 5

Product Details

You'll hardly notice the extra protection you've got with GEL-BLADES on your feet the technology is combined with lightweight materials to make it your secret weapon when you step out on court.

Speed and agility are at its heart you'll own the T on the squash court and cover every corner on your way to winning. Whichever direction you switch to, the pivot points on the outsole help you turn quickly and easily, while the rounded heel is the perfect aid to lunging forward to make the shot.

  • Stay comfortable with a breathable sole to keep your feet dry, and asymmetric laces and a Personal Heel Fit to cling the shoe to your foot
  • Pivot, turn and switch sides easily thanks to grooves in the sole which make changes in direction a breeze
  • Stay on point with a lower profile that's designed for speed
  • Keep your feet on the ground with no worries about slipping thanks to the high-grip rubber sole

Beautiful design, excellent quality and reasonable price, professional shoes for table tennis by Asics, has made them popular all over the world, among both athletes and lovers of this sport!

PPong Asics Gel Blade 5

PPong Asics Gel Blade 5

PPong Asics Gel Blade 5

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