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    table tennis Nexy Karis M

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    table tennis Nexy Karis M

Nexy Petra Spirit red

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Nexy Petra Spirit - red

table tennis Nexy Karis M

table tennis Nexy Karis M

Sneakers for table tennis by Petra Nexy - it's shoes for professional sports, with the use of high-tech materials and accumulated in the production and research experience to create the most comfortable, safe and reliable equipment of the athlete. 

Shoes for table tennis Nexy Petra
 does not stain the surface of the gaming halls for table tennis ( the non-marking ), have excellent adhesion to them and are characterized by high resistance to wear! The use of durable and high quality mesh sneakers, allows for maximum ventilation of the foot during the game and increase the resistance to the stress of running shoes. Soft foam, make up a large portion of the sole, has good cushioning effect, absorbing each blow, prevents injury and keeps the foot in the correct position. 

Beautiful design, excellent quality and reasonable price, professional shoes for table tennis by Nexy, has made them popular all over the world, among both athletes and lovers of this sport!

table tennis Nexy Karis M
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