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    table tennis Nexy Karis M

Andro Rasanter R42

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Andro Rasanter R42

table tennis Nexy Karis M

table tennis Nexy Karis M

Rubber of 42 degrees of hardness (average hardness) of great speed and effect. It stands out for its versatility both to attack and to control at all times.

The Rasanter has undergone the most intensive and groundbreaking development ever attempted with a German rubber. The goal was to develop a future-oriented rubber technology, which allows all ambitious and technically skilled players to compensate for the physical disadvantages of the 40 + ball as best as possible. The rubber surface of the RASANTER compensates for the rotational disadvantages of the 40 + ball, while the ultra-thick sponge increases the catapult effect and compensates for the lower speed of the cell free ball. This rubber is for Advanced to High level players. The medium 42° sponge stays soft enough for spins, while adding in a fair amount of speed.

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