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    table tennis Nexy Karis M

Andro Rasanter V47

  • 49,99 £
  • 39,99 £ incl. VAT
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Andro Rasanter V47

table tennis Nexy Karis M

table tennis Nexy Karis M


- Velocity upper rubber for a flat, direct and fast flight curve
- Supplied with a 47 ° hard sponge for above average power and speed
- RASANTER V47 supports players who prefer a table-top, modern offensive game with short, fast topspins and increases the efficiency of their punches.

The Rasanter has undergone the most intensive and groundbreaking development ever attempted with a German rubber. The goal was to develop a future-oriented rubber technology, which allows all ambitious and technically skilled players to compensate for the physical disadvantages of the 40 + ball as best as possible. The rubber surface of the RASANTER compensates for the rotational disadvantages of the 40 + ball, while the ultra-thick sponge increases the catapult effect and compensates for the lower speed of the cell free ball. This rubber is for High to Pro level players. The hard 47° sponge will provide you with all the speed you can handle. Excellent for players with flat, direct strokes.

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